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SuGO Documents

We want you to have fun running your own SuGO competition, so we've created a range of documents which will help to streamline the process. These are all included in PDF form in the following Zip file:

The contents of this file are as folows:

  • 01 SuGO Rules
  • 02 Conduct of a SuGO Contest
  • 03 SuGO Team Registration
  • 04 SuGO Checklist
  • 05 SuGO Tent Cards 8X11
  • 06 SuGO Brackets-ReadMe
  • 06 SuGO Brackets Double Elimination
  • 06 SuGO Brackets Drawing Numbers
  • 07 Prize SuGOBot Champion
  • 07 Prize SuGOBot Finalist
We also have these files available in their original editable form (doc or xls format) as part of our Field Kit package.