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SuGObot classes and rules.

Depending on the resources available at your particular SuGO competition, your SuGObot will have to conform to one or more specific "Class" specifications. These classes are set up to permit fair competitions between all the teams.

The specific classes all share a set of "common rules" as follows:

Common Class Rules

  • The Robot must be made ENTIRELY out of LEGO parts, with the only exceptions being the "Sumo Eyes" and shorter "NXT cables".
  • A maximum of 1 NXT for control and 3 motors for movement/actuation can be used.
  • The robot must fit inside a 7" x 7" square box (no height limit) when it is in it's starting configuration.
  • The robot must be designed to wait five seconds, after the contestant presses a start button, before it moves.
  • All actions must be totally pre-programmed. The use of any form of remote control is prohibited.
  • The robot will not include a device that obstructs the control of the opponent’s operation, such as a jamming device or strobe light.
  • The robot will not include any parts that might damage or deface the playing field.
  • The robot will not include any part that fixes the robot to the playing field surface. The robot must always move.
In addition, each SuGO Class adds one or more extra rules, as follows:

Limited Parts Sub-Class:

  • The robot may only be constructed from a specific subset of LEGO parts. This subset is defined by the event organizer prior to the competition. An example might be: "Only those LEGO items found in a retail LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 kit" or perhaps "any component located on the Parts Table".

Common Program Sub-Class:

  • The robot must use the specific SuGO program provided by the event orgaizer. Any strategy options must be identical for all participants (eg: different speeds, and turn rates)

Standard Weight Sub-Class:

  • The robot must weigh no more than 1 lb, 10 oz. when in it's starting configuration.