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Bare minimum SuGO™ files.

If you already know how to play SuGO™, but just need to download the basic files to get a new team up and running, this is the place for you.

(1) The first thing you'll want is the "Simple SuGOBOT" Building Guide for either an NXT or EV3 SuGObot.

These PDFs show step-by-step pictures for building our most simple SuGObot™. But don't be fooled, it's a brave little toaster bot.

Choose the right box below and download build instructions.

(2) Next you'll probably need the SuGO™ and Mechanic programs for your Bot. These programs run the SuGO match, AND help make sure all your connections are correct.

Note: If you are building an EV3 SuGObot, these programs are both in the main App. But, if you are building an NXT SuGObot, there are two different flavors of these program depending on what type of line sensors you'll be using.

Choose the right box below and download the software. Also download the User Guide to make sure you know how to connect the sensors & motors, as well as run the Mechanic test program.

EV3 resources

Simple SuGObot Building Guide (EV3)
SuGObot V1.1 Program (EV3)
Note: You MUST download the 1.4.x legacy version of mindstorms to use this program.
SuGObot User Guide (EV3)
This booklet is designed to be printed two pages to a sheet so it is more compact

NXT PV1 programs for Two Light sensors

Simple SuGObot Building Guide (NXT)
SuGO_PV1 Program (NXT)
Mechanic_PV1 Program (NXT)
Mechanic PV1 User Guide (NXT)

NXT C2 programs for One Light sensor, One Color Sensor

Simple SuGObot Building Guide (NXT)
SuGO_C2 Program (NXT)
Mechanic_C2 Program (NXT)
Mechanic C2 User Guide (NXT)

(3) If you're looking for more SuGObot™ inspiration, check out our SuGO™ Science posters.

(4) And finally, to schedule matches for tournament, you'll need to use this cool Brackets Spreadsheet.

(5) If this hasn't taken care of all your needs, check out the Free Resources page, for links to all the printable docs.