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SuGO Robot Design samples

The beauty of SuGO is that everyone creates their own custom robot designs.

However, sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration to get started on new designs, so here at we've created the "Simple SuGObot".

You can download printable instructions for building either a NXT or EV3 Simple SuGObot.

We even have a video of building the EV3 version:

We've also have other people contribute designs to us using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD4). LDD4 can be downloaded for FREE from the LEGO Site.

For more inspiration, feel free to click on a picture below to see a larger version, or download the LDD (.lxf) file so that you can step through a design to see how it goes together. If you get inspired and want to show off your own design, just send us the .lxf file.


Use this printable

Build Guide

for the

Simple SuGObot.